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Step challenge

This two week step challenge is a a great way to get your team moving! Short enough to retain attention, but long enough to build some habits! Team members may use their smart watches, phones, and step counters to track steps per day. These steps will be entered into a leaderboard!

Veggie Intake Challenge

Help boost your teams immune system with this veggie challenge! This two week challenge focuses on consuming three veggies per day for two weeks. Individuals who stay most consistent wins! Tracking document is included.

Distance Challenge 

The 30 day distance challenge is sure to get everyone moving! Employees will walk or run their way to the top of the leaderboard. The employee with the most distance wins! Did we mention that there's an additional winner? The employee who stays most consistent by moving each day! Distance will be entered into a leaderboard.

Custom habit challenge

Each individual employee will create their own custom healthy habit to track for three weeks. Winners are the individuals who stay consistent for all three weeks! Habits are loaded in the Hagerty Wellness App for employees to track on a daily basis. 
*Habits stay private to the individual eemployee